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Welcome to Sagamore Hills Animal Hospital

The Sagamore Hills Animal Hospital offers a wide range of veterinary services for your pet cat or dog.  Our clinic's services span your pet’s life, beginning with neonatal care and moving through adolescent care, surgical neutering, active adulthood, and senescence to end of life care, when we provide geriatric therapy, palliative care and euthanasia services.  We know that your pet is truly a member of your family, and we treat each pet as such.   Because we value our patients, we are selective in choosing our employees, and this is reflected in the quality of service we provide.  We are proactive and pro-pet in our thoughts and actions, and we provide treatment and counseling for each individual pet within the framework of humane care.   Please contact us to schedule an appointment for your pet and, if desired, a tour of our facility.


Drs. Hennis and Rowan and the staff members of the Sagamore Hills Animal Hospital, Inc. are very concerned about INDOOR CATS!    Did you know your indoor cat is just as likely to get the following things as an outdoor cat:

    Heart Disease           Kidney Disease          Heartworm Disease          Arthritis

    Urinary Problems      Feline "Asthma"         Dental/Mouth Disease      Thyroid Disease

    Diabetes mellitus

And indoor cats can also get:    Internal parasites (worms and protozoa)

                                                 External parasites (fleas and ticks)


Cats are masters at hiding their illnesses often until they are too sick for help.  Please let us see your cat at least once yearly so that we can catch these problems early enough to treat them! 


Latest News:  The FDA has launched a new Pet Health and Safety site as part of an ongoing effort to provide timely, user-friendly, public health information.  It covers such topics as recalls of pet food, appropriate use of flea and tick products, etc.

Pet Health and Safety


A brief word about prescriptions and dispensing prescriptions:  The Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board (OVMLB) has reinterpreted existing law and decided that a veterinarian must be on the premises in order for a client to pick up a prescription.  This means that all prescriptions that are to be picked up must be picked up during our staff veterinarians' appointment hours!  Also, the OVMLB has reminded all veterinarians that prescription medicines are non-returnable!  Once the prescription has left the office, it cannot be returned!

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